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HK3 Wall-mounted Thermometer

HK3 infrared thermometer adopts a high-precision infrared sensor probe, which has the characteristics of stable and accurate measurement and rapid response. At the same time, HK3 infrared thermometer adopts a new environmental protection design to reduce product volume and facilitate better transportation. It is equipped with abnormal temperature prompts, voice prompts, and other functions, and can query 32 sets of temperature test data. The HK3 infrared thermometer has a compact design and complete functions, which is very suitable for any situation.

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Product Details

Hk3 infrared thermometer has fast response speed and takes the temperature of each user who enters your establishment or office efficiently, quickly and accurately with our wall-mounted thermometer, it is very easy to install, just mount it on the wall at the desired height and it will do the work for you hands-free, just stand 10 cm away to take a temperature reading in milliseconds!stable performance and high precision, and can measure surface temperature up to 100℃. The 3.2-inch high-definition backlight LCD screen can be read clearly under any circumstances. It has three modes to meet the requirements for different occasions.

It comes with three buttons at the same time, which is easy to set and self-define temperature abnormal prompts, which is more convenient to use and online. View 32 sets of test data, making queries easier. Hk3 wall-mounted thermometer for humans non-contact will be working as it can be charged via USB, charging output, or can be operated by 4 AA batteries working efficiently 24 / 7.the compact size is more suitable for transportation and transshipment, which will save you a lot of costs.

1) Power supply: USB DC 5V/3*AA
2) Size: 155x105x85mm
3) Weight (without battery): 225g
4) Measuring range:
Body temperature: 34.0℃ – 45℃
Surface temperature: 0℃ -100℃
5) Accuracy:±0.2℃
7) Measuring distance: 5cm-10cm

Can be used on different occasions. Office, subway, home, shopping mall, shop, community, public entrances, etc. This product is guaranteed for one year.