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Medical Teeth Whitening Device M-88

M-88 medical tooth whitening instrument adopts movable design, saving space and easy to use. The lamp head can be rotated 180°, the irradiation range is wider, and the innovative design of added purple light, can sterilize the oral cavity. Automatically and intelligently select the power supply. There are digital and voice prompts, safer and smarter. Enclosed disposable sheath, preventing cross-infection, clean and convenient, leaving the patient feeling relieved.

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Product Details

M-88 is equipped with a combination of 5 high-power blue LED lights, 2 high-power red LED lights and 8 purple lights. Activate almost all available whitening materials. Different light source modes: blue light only or broad wavelength exposure. The combined light energy output is over 2,327mw/cm². Light energy output is adjustable for sensitive teeth patients. The purple light has a sterilization effect and eliminates bacteria in the oral cavity and teeth. It is safer and adopts a closed disposable sheath. Prevent cross-infection, clean and convenient, let patients rest assured. Concurrently, the M-88 bleaching time is adjustable, with a microprocessor-controlled timer preset. Digital indicator with audio feedback.

The M-88 is ergonomically designed with dual handles on the lamp holder for easier maneuverability either for left or right handed operation. The full arc head has a timer display right in front of the patients line of sight when utilizing the M-88 so patients are fully aware of how much time remains for the treatment. Constructed of high grade durable aluminum, 5 locking wheels, the M-88 is portable to glide to where it’s needed and stable when required. The M-88 LED teeth whitening system is recommended for any dental clinic looking to add additional revenue streams and offer whitening services.

M-88 uses red ox methods to decompose the organic dyeing macro molecules (dark ones) into smaller molecules (light ones). As the molecules are scattered, they appear lighter thus perceived as whitened, from dark to light, the teeth can achieve a whitening effect. Teeth staining caused by coffee, wine, tea, soda, cigarettes, and more have the the best effect. It has a certain effect on mild to moderate tetracycline teeth, dental fluoroscopic or discolored teeth caused by other unknown causes and naturally yellow teeth.

Broad spectrum :Blue: 420nm~472.5nm(host lamps)
Red : 610nm~650nm
Light output power: up to 2327 mW/cm
Input: 100-240V,50/60HZ

Used in hospital/clinic,This product is guaranteed for one year.