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  • Thermometer PCB

    Thermometer PCB

    The M1 PCBA main board adopts an K905 high-speed 24-bit MCU and is designed with Taiwan Zhongzhi 638D2 thermopile sensor. The 638D2 is characterized by it’s high precision and stable performance. The M1 motherboard solution uses clinical medical data, high-precision algorithms, to achieve a resolution of ±0.2 ℃. Our schematics are favoured by manufacturers.

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  • OTP-638D2


    OTP-638D2 MEMS temperature sensor adopts TO-46 packaging technology, composed of 116 thermocouples in series, and the absorption layer area is the diameter 545 microns, with low noise and fast response characteristics, very suitable for non-contact temperature measurement applications. OTP-638D2 built-in thermistor Resistance, the reference temperature of the reaction environment.

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  • K905


    High-precision 24-bit ADC SOC product,Abundant peripheral resources: RTC, optional multiple regulated power output, flexible setting of PGIA module, boost module, UART, I2C, SPI, TIMER, PWM/PDM, PFD, CAPTURE input Module, LCD driver, etc.
    This product is equipped with 16k Bytes OTP, which can be self-burning at low voltage, diagramming voltage range: 2.4V~3.6V, OTP can be substituted EERPOM is used.

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