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Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor XQ-B65T (Bluetooth)

XQ-B65T is a smart Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor, it measures systolic, diastolic and pulse rate, with high-resolution large screen display, easy to read the data. Intelligent voice broadcasting makes the health condition can be heard through the whole process of human voice guidance . The 99 groups of memory functions can automatic storage of blood pressure and heart rate. Blue-tooth transmission function, makes the data could be monitored in real time through APP or applet, and the health trends can be managed, and makes health data more meaningful. OEM is welcomed.

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Product Details

Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor XQ-B65T, with large screen display, intelligent voice broadcasting, arrhythmia monitoring, blue-tooth transmission and memory function. It is small and light, convenient to carry, can measure whenever you want. With built-in lithium battery, once full charge it can measure 200+ times . The armband can be removed and replaced

Product Parameters:

* Measurement parameters: systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate
* Measurement range: blood pressure (0~ 280mmHg), pulse rate (40~199 bpm)
* Measurement accuracy: static pressure ±3mmHg(0.4kPa), pulse rate: 5%
* Measurement method: oscillographic method
* Mode of operation: continuous operation
* Storage capacity: 99 groups
* Display mode: digital display
* Power: D.C. 3.7v (Buil-in lithium battery)
* Applicable arm circumference: 23-36cm
* Main machine size: 122* 65*25mm
* Product net weight: about 280g