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K3-Plus Wall-mounted Thermometer

K3 Plus infrared thermometer, with compact in size, and equipped with a medical Thermopylae sensor. K3 Plus infrared thermometer is designed with fast test speeds, stable performance, and ease of use in mind. Three modes are available via the accompanied software, Centigrade and Fahrenheit selection available with its own dedicated button, high temperature alarm is configurable through the software as well.

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Product Details

K3 Plus wall-mounted thermometer can quickly measure within 0.1 seconds, non-contact, no need to hold, to avoid cross-infection, Quick response, large-size LCD screen, strong readability, use in public places can reduce crowd queue time,and small in size, easy to transport. The side function button design can switch the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius online.

The medical-grade temperature measurement program is matched with the precise infrared Thermopylae sensor to ensure high measurement accuracy of 0.2°C,high-precision temperature measurement, increase health protection. it has light fault detection warning and temperature abnormal light warning, which allows you to track abnormal conditions.

When the temperature is abnormal, the red light flashes and an alarm prompt is issued, which is simple and clear, and it is more convenient to understand the health status. Low power consumption design, standby time up to 7 days, more energy-saving and environmental protection, The price makes up for the high price of thermal imaging equipment.

1) Power supply: DC 4.2-5V/18650 Lithium battery
2) Size: 155x104x84mm
3) Weight (without battery): 242g
4) Measuring range:
Body temperature: 35.0℃ – 42℃
Surface temperature: 0℃ – 50℃
5) Accuracy:±0.2℃
7) Measuring distance: 5cm-10cm

Can be used in a number of scenarios: offices, schools, shopping malls, stores, hospital, clinics, public transportation, etc.This product is guaranteed for one year.