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Oxygen Concentrator XQ-OC-5AW

Oxygen Concentrator XQ-OC-5AW is a medical standard oxygen concentrator, it is with 9 upgrade function: Atomization function, 96% oxygen purity, 5L large capacity, 48-hour continuous oxygen supplying, selected molecular sieve, mute noise reduction, smart big screen contact, voice broadcast, remote control. Besides 5L of Oxygen Concentrator XQ-OC-5AW,8L and 10L are also available,OEM are welcomed.

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Product Details

Oxygen Concentrator XQ-OC-5AW with adjustable oxygen flow, it can be adjusted the flow from 1L – 5L/min according to different people needs, it’s large capacity support two people inhaling oxygen at the same time. The HD large smart touch screen and voice broadcast are very convenient for elder people. The atomization function can be used at the same time without affecting the oxygen inhalation, one machine can be used for two purposes.

Product Parameters:

* Power: 220V/110V
* Rated Power: ≤400VA
* Oxygen purity: 93%±3%
* Oxygen flow: 0.5L – 5L/min, it can be adjusted
* Output presure: 30-70KPa
* With atomization function
* With timing function
* Voice broadcast
* Noise: < 50DB
* Display control: LED display / Remote control
* Product size: 305*308*680mm
* Product net weight: 19kg