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  • EW-801B Bluetooth Forehead Thermometer

    EW-801B Bluetooth Forehead Thermometer

    To meet the market requirement,EW-801B Bluetooth Forehead Thermometer is added an bluetooth module based on EW-801,the temperature can be recorded and measured through an APP on the smart phone by connecting to blue-tooth. It could be more easier to switch the temperature measuring modes(body, surface and ambient(room)),and there are more information you can be recorded on the APP,like the user name,gender and age.

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  • EW-801 Forehead Thermometer

    EW-801 Forehead Thermometer

    EW-801 forehead thermometer uses an imported infrared thermal sensor probe, accurate temperature measurement in 1 second, taking into account multiple temperature measurement modes. EW-801 forehead thermometer meets the requirements of different scenarios, view 32 sets of memory values at any time, simple and convenient to use, and accurate and stable medical solution.

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  • EW-801 Simple Forehead Thermometer

    EW-801 Simple Forehead Thermometer

    EW-801S forehead thermometer adopts an imported infrared thermal sensor probe at the center of its design. This scheme allows for accurate temperature measurement, responsive to within 1 second. The EW-801S forehead thermometer is calibrated with body and surface temperature modes; simple and reliable, void of extra buttons.

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