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  • Disposable Medical Surgical Mask

    Disposable Medical Surgical Mask

    Medical-surgical masks are used as disposable masks worn by medical staff during invasive operations. They cover the mouth and nose of the user, provide a physical barrier to prevent pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids, aerosol droplets, and particles. Medical-surgical masks offer 3 layers of protection and comfort. Our masks offer zero odor, high filtration capacity, and low resistance breathing.

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  • Household Teeth Whitening Kit M-56

    Household Teeth Whitening Kit M-56

    M-56 household teeth whitening device uses redox methods to decompose the organic dyeing macromolecules (dark ones) into small molecules (light ones). From dark to light, the teeth will reach Whitening effect, M-56 household teeth whitening Device uses wireless charging, food-grade silicone material, and a vibration mode to make the whitening gel more uniform, easy to use, safe, and healthy.

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  • Teeth Whitening System M-55

    Teeth Whitening System M-55

    M-55 table top LED teeth whitening system is designed with a small desktop base and equipped with a high-definition integrated display, allowing you to focus more on teeth whitening. M-55 table top LED teeth whitening system is equipped with a high-definition intravenous camera, which can inspect each of your teeth 360 degrees without dead ends, and care about your dental health in all directions.

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  • Medical Teeth Whitening Device M-88

    Medical Teeth Whitening Device M-88

    M-88 medical tooth whitening instrument adopts movable design, saving space and easy to use. The lamp head can be rotated 180°, the irradiation range is wider, and the innovative design of added purple light, can sterilize the oral cavity. Automatically and intelligently select the power supply. There are digital and voice prompts, safer and smarter. Enclosed disposable sheath, preventing cross-infection, clean and convenient, leaving the patient feeling relieved.

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  • Hair Removal And Skin Rejuvenation Device M5

    Hair Removal And Skin Rejuvenation Device M5

    M-5 new generation IPL freezing point hair removal instrument, uses an innovative light-based technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL),derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons. IPL hair removal has been proved to be gentle, high safety, no side effects, painless hair removal method.

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