The B-K3 tripod stand is the perfect complement to K3, K3pro, K3plus, HK3, K9, and other similar infrared thermometers. Setup is a breeze, extend the B-K3 to your required height, gently screw on any of the aforementioned models and you’re ready to go. For other devices, make sure they have a 1/4” thread tripod port before attempting to attach them to the B-K3.

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Product Details

K3 is constructed of high strength aluminum alloy. The B-K3 is durable and sturdy even when fully extended. The telescopic build can reach a height of 2.1m. The tripod legs are non extendable, fixed to provide optimum strength and stability. The B-K3 weighs 740g and measures 69cm compressed, light enough to carry one-handed with ease. Its lightweight construction offers portability and a breeze to set up where ever required. When wall mounting isn’t an option, choose the B-K3 to get the job done.

The universal 1/4” thread is compatible with a number of available products on the market ranging from soap dispensers to demography equipment. This universally compatible product is handy on its own and the perfect complement to mounted infrared thermometers.

K3 aluminum alloy bracket, made of high-quality aluminum alloy, simple design, light and durable, compact design makes it easy to open and fold, adopts aluminum alloy telescopic structure, the highest height can reach 2.1m, aluminum alloy material is sufficient and stable In general, the aluminum alloy triangle is fixed, which is more stable, does not shake, and will not fall when the wind blows. It is compatible with K3, K3pro, K3plus, HK3, K9, and many other infrared thermometers. It is more convenient and simple to use, and the compact tripod legs can be folded to make it small enough to be carried almost anywhere. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is your good helper.

Telescopic size: 69*7*7
Use height: 80-210cm
Color: black
Box gauge/25 PCS: 69*36*36cm
Weight: 17kg

This product is best used when wall mounting isn’t available. Its portability allows the equipment to move or set up wherever required.
This product is guaranteed for one year with proper use.