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GP-100 Infrared Wall-mounted Thermometer

GP-100 Infrared wall-mounted thermometer is a new up-grade thermometers:with live voice broadcast, body temperature data can be heard by high-fidelity speaker; Ultra long measurement distance up to 15cm; GP-100 Infrared wall-mounted thermometer using advanced medical-grade thermopile sensor, independent research and development of the core motherboard, the measurement accuracy is comparable to mercury thermometers, and the error rate is extremely low.

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Product Details

GP-100 Infrared wall-mounted thermometer with high sensitivity temperature measurement, the temperature can be measured in 0.1s, reading speed is greatly improved, up to 50 people per minute. It has high temperature alarm, when the measured temperature is abnormal, the red light will be on and the voice announcement will remind you to re-measure. Its data export function support real-time body temperature data monitoring by connecting to a computer, data query and export, sorting and filtering of temperature measurement data.

1)Power supply: 5V1A (18650 batteries), USB cable
2)Size: 170x112x130mm
3)Weight (without battery): 264g
4)Operation temperature: 10℃ – 40℃
5)Measuring range:Body temperature: 32.0℃ – 42.9℃
6) Accuracy:±0.2℃
7)°F/°C Interchangeable
8)Measuring distance: 10cm-15cm
9)Warranty period: 1 year.


There are three installation methods: mounted on the wall, or fix it on the tripod (or floor stand), or adhere on wall or floor stand.
It can be used in numbers of places: Offices, schools, shopping malls, stores, hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants, public transportation, etc.