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Thermometer PCB

The M1 PCBA main board adopts an K905 high-speed 24-bit MCU and is designed with Taiwan Zhongzhi 638D2 thermopile sensor. The 638D2 is characterized by it’s high precision and stable performance. The M1 motherboard solution uses clinical medical data, high-precision algorithms, to achieve a resolution of ±0.2 ℃. Our schematics are favoured by manufacturers.

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When the temperature of the object is higher than “absolute zero”, that is, -273°C, the object will radiate infrared rays. Use the infrared probe to obtain the infrared light intensity of different objects, after the amplification circuit and the analog-to-digital conversion circuit, the temperature data can be displayed on the LCD. The thermopile sensor is the core sensor of the forehead temperature gun. Its principle is to use the Seebeck effect (seebeck effect, also known as the first pyroelectric effect, which refers to the difference in temperature between two different electrical conductors or semiconductors). The voltage difference of the thermoelectric phenomenon.)

Generally, the operating temperature range and sensitivity of thermopile sensors are 5~90mV/℃). M1 PCBA is a medical solution. It uses a high 24-bit MCU and a high-precision 638D2 infrared thermopile sensor. It uses Samsung, Yageo and other well-known electronic components, built-in 10-year clinical temperature algorithm, so that temperature measurement is more accurate and stable. Support various analog/digital sensors, support various dot matrix screens, broken code screens, digital tubes (fully integrated SOC, no external driver IC, power supply circuit). At the same time, it can be used in combination with HTN LCD display, which can make readings at any angle clear. At the same time, the backlight adopts red, orange, green and tri-color LED lights, which can alert users when the temperature is abnormal, which is simple and convenient to use. We have experienced hardware and software engineers, it will be easier to customize according to customer needs.

PCB substrate thickness: 1.6mm
PCB circuit: 2 layers
Display: HTN
Backlight color: RGB
MCU: K905
Thermopile sensor: 638D2
Applicable environment: 10-40℃

Medical infrared thermometer,This product is guaranteed for one year.