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Oxygen Concentrator XQ-OC-2JW

Oxygen Concentrator XQ-OC-2JW is a high quality oxygen concentrator, it is with adjustable oxygen flow 1L – 7L/min, can meet the needs of people with different constitutions, the supplying of oxygen is stable, continuously supplying oxygen up to 48 hours, large smart touchable screen can display clearly, intelligent voice broadcast system, always reminding your oxygen consumption, it support double oxygen inhalation, family members can share oxygen.

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Product Details

Oxygen Concentrator XQ-OC-2JW with upgrade oxygen flow, it can be adjusted 1L -7L/min according to different peoples needs, oxygen inhalation and atomization can be used at the same time. 8 level of filtration increase the purity of oxygen. Adopt copper oil-free compressor which can work stably and continuously 48 hours. Muffler design, it still can be used in sleeping time, and won’t affect your rest. Oxygen Concentrator XQ-OC-2JW with large adjustable oxygen flow suit for two people use at the same time, the timing function make you feel convenient whenever you want to use and stop the machine.

Product Parameters:

* Power: 220V/110V
* Oxygen purity: 30% – 90% ( 2L ≥ 90%)
* Oxygen flow: 1L – 7L/min, it can be adjusted
* With atomization function
* With timing function
* Voice broadcast
* Noise: < 60DB (A)
* Product size: 280*192*300mm
* Product net weight: 6.5kg