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Diamond shaped RF Beauty Device XQW-BD003

XQW-BD003 Diamond shaped RF Beauty Device is the NEWEST Diamond shaped RF beauty device . this revolutionary device creates custom skincare routines that are personalized to your needs. It minimises the appearance of pores, prevents blemishes, exfoliates, firms the skin and reduces under-eye puffiness. Technology like the Diamond shaped RF beauty device is often referred to as the 5 minute facial-lift because the results can be so dramatic. For constant daily use, you can get brilliant results, plus it’ll save you the hassle of going to a clinic or salon.

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Product Details

1)Lons Cleaning mode:lons absorb dirts from Pores,

2)RF Moisture mode:Activate and regenerate of collagen,
RF requency:1MHZ(1MHZ=1000KHZ)

3)EMS lifting mode: EMS electornic muscle stimulator , EMS +red light photon lift loose skin,rejuvenate and tightening skin
4)Massage relief mode:Massage+Blue photon light :relieve skin+anti+acnes,

Red light wave length:625nm
Blue light wave length:465nm
Red light can reach skin:3MM,
Blue light can reach skin:0.5MM

Products size:Diameter 62*95
Vibration Frequency:12000-2000rpm/min
Power supply/Power:5V/6W
Warranty: 1Year