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3D Multi-function Facial Instrument XQW-BD001

XQW-BD001 3D Multi-function Facial Instrument is premium 12 functions in one beauty device promises to tone and tighten your skin with the combination of 12 expert technologies. Suitable for daily use, tackle sagging skin, V shaping,large pores and pigmentation to reveal glowy, younger-looking skin. XQW-BD001 3D Multi-function Facial Instrument, with 12 functions in one device, this beauty device will meet all your daily care and weekly care demands.We love that it comes with different heads for different results it means you can get exactly what you want from the device.

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Product Details

Import side:
1)Ultrasonic Atomization mode:Tight skin, V shaping
2) FR mode(RF frequency 1-2MHZ)(1MHZ=1000KHZ):Rejuvenation and tackle sagging skin and face lifting
3)Red light treatment mode.

Clean side:
1)Ice Pack mode,
2)Long Frequency skin tightening mode,
3) Clean mode:clean dirt and make up completely

Massage side:
1)EMS Mic-current mode,
2)Import mode:
3)MFIP massage mode,
4) Blue light treatment mode:anti-acne,
5)Green light treatment: Balance skin color,
6)Yellow light treatment:impove skin conditions

Light wave length:
Red light wave length:640-650nm
Blue light wave length:440-450nm
Green light wave length:530-540nm
Yellow light wave length:59+0-600nm

Products size:54*58*196mm
Products Voltage/Power:DC5V=1A
Battery:USB Cable
Color:Rose gold/Black
User manual:1 pcs
Cosmetic cotton: 1box
Carton/PCS:1Carton 20pcs
Can OEM OR LOGO Branding
Warranty:1 year