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K3 Wall-mounted Thermometer

K3 non-contact digital display high-precision intelligent thermometer, easy to use, automatic detection within range. Can be wall-mounted or tripod-mounted wherever needed. The perfect solution to avoid cross-infection. K3 non-contact digital display high-precision intelligent thermometer is deprogramming with an audible and visual alarm prompt when abnormal temperatures are detected.

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Product Details

K3 non-contact thermometer, no need to hold and operate, avoid cross-infection, and adopt the latest chip design, the induction time is faster (0.1s); up to 50 people per minute, the reading speed is greatly improved, using medical-grade Thermopylae sensor, high-temperature measurement accuracy, tolerance: ±0.2 (34~45℃), the detected temperature abnormality will give an alarm for 10 seconds and give a warning. The K3 non-contact thermometer can be powered by a micro USB connected to a power supply or 18650 lithium battery (not included), with a high-definition digital display, and the maximum visible distance is 5 meters. It does not need to be fixed, it can be fixed on the wall with screws, can also be pasted with double-sided tape, or it can be mounted on a tripod with a built-in tripod thread.

1) Power supply: DC 5V/18650 Lithium battery
2) Size: 170x115x140mm
3) Weight (without battery): 350g
4) Measuring range:
Body temperature: 32.0℃ – 42.9℃
Surface temperature: 0℃ – 50℃
5) Accuracy:±0.2℃
7) Measuring distance: 5cm-10cm

Can be used in different scenarios. Office/subway/shopping mall/shop/community entrances, etc.This product is guaranteed for one year.