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K3-Pro Wall-mounted Thermometer

K3Pro non-contact high-precision multifunctional intelligent thermometer, using a high-definition LCD screen with backlight design, K3Pro thermometer adopts a medical temperature measurement solution, and at the same time, with high-precision Thermopylae sensor data, it can accurately and stable temperature measurement. K3Pro can use function buttons, Query the last 30 groups of measurement data, and also set the alarm temperature threshold. K3 Pro can be powered by Type-C USB or 4 AA batteries and can be installed wherever needed.

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Product Details

K3 Pro can fast temperature measurement in 0.1 seconds, stable performance, stress tested, 30 sets of the temperature reading playback. Supports real-time temperature data export function and data query function when connected to a computer. Can be connected to a USB power supply, charging bank, or 4 AA batteries.Support for computer connection, data export. The newest chip technology sensing time is faster (0.5s) than the prior model.

The pass rate per minute greatly improved (50/minute). Wall-mounted infrared forehead thermometer with LCD display use indoor and outdoor to quickly measure temperature. easily organize and comparable to the accuracy of a mercury thermometer. Voice broadcast and high-definition 2.8″ led display which 5 meters visible distance. Intelligent photosensitive forehead thermometer, high-temperature measurement accuracy, precision tolerance: ±0.2 (34~45℃). With warning light for detection failure and abnormal temperature. Supports a variety of signal output, can be connected independently; electronic systems such as access control. Multiple power supply choices and installation methods make this product your ideal choice.

1) Power supply: USB DC 5V/4*AA batteries
2) Size: 170x115x140mm
3) Weight (without battery): 350g
4) Measuring range:
Body temperature: 35.0℃ – 42℃
Surface temperature: 10℃ – 50℃
5) Accuracy:±0.2℃
7) Measuring distance: 5cm-10cm

Our hands-free non-contact thermometer is suitable for offices, families, hotels, libraries, banks, schools, customs, railways, bus stations, airports. Can be used anywhere for screening distemper product is guaranteed for one year.