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The Sensor Of The Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Update Time :2020-10-14

The second generation of forehead Infrared thermometer with higher quality and highly sensitive infrared Thermopylae temperature sensor, which can not only work reliably in the high-wet environment but also work with highly sensitive, even in 35 to 45 degrees of high temperature, the temperature measurement accuracy still can reach ±0.2 degrees.

The encapsulation quality of many infrared Thermopylae temperature sensors on the market today is not reaching the standard. Many encapsulation factories even do not have nitrogen charging machines, which results in a poor sealing performance of the Thermopylae temperature sensor.

the sensor of the forehead Infrared thermometer

In the rainy season or high humidity environment, if the moisture leaks into the sensor due to the air leak of the sensor, the sensor chip will be unstable and lead to sensor failure, then the temperature measurement accuracy will even more than 0.3 degrees significantly.

In addition, the sensitivity of the Thermopylae temperature sensor is also very important. When the ambient temperature reaches 35-37 degrees that similar to body temperature, if the sensitivity of the sensor is not high, the output voltage of the Thermopylae will be very low, result in the phenomenon of uncertain temperature measurement. However, if the ambient temperature exceeds 38 degrees, the problem of air thermal noise will be very prominent. And if the thermal noise filtering measures are not good enough, there will also be the uncertainty of temperature measurement or accuracy that cannot meet the requirements.