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Teeth Whitening System M-55

M-55 table top LED teeth whitening system is designed with a small desktop base and equipped with a high-definition integrated display, allowing you to focus more on teeth whitening. M-55 table top LED teeth whitening system is equipped with a high-definition intravenous camera, which can inspect each of your teeth 360 degrees without dead ends, and care about your dental health in all directions.

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Product Details

The M-55 desktop LED tooth whitening system adopts an intravenous camera goose neck design, with adjustable angle and easy to use. Through red ox method, the organic dyeing macro molecule (dark color) on the tooth surface is decomposed into small molecules (light color) ), from dark to light, teeth whitening effect is achieved.

Foods with pigments in daily diet such as cola, tea, soy sauce, etc. lead to staining of teeth.Intrinsic staining: mild to moderate tetracycline teeth, fluoroscopic teeth, or discolored teeth caused by other factors, hereditary yellow and black teeth, etc.Age-related discoloration: With age, teeth will wear out slowly, so yellowing will also appear.

The above dental problems can be alert and noticeable improvement and treatment.And it can save space, equipped with four high-brightness LED blue light output can effectively promote the decomposition of cosmetic glue and whiten teeth. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-definition camera and high-definition display, which can clearly check the status of each tooth and find problems as early as possible. The lamp holder is equipped with a timer. Allow consumers to watch the remaining time.
Broad Spectrum: 420nm~472.5nm (Host lamps)

Light Output power: up to 2000Mw/CM2
100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2 A for global use
Max. Working Radius: 50cm
Net weight: 2.06KG
High Uniformity of light output

Used in clinic,This product is guaranteed for one year.