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  • OTP-638D2


    OTP-638D2 MEMS temperature sensor adopts TO-46 packaging technology, composed of 116 thermocouples in series, and the absorption layer area is the diameter 545 microns, with low noise and fast response characteristics, very suitable for non-contact temperature measurement applications. OTP-638D2 built-in thermistor Resistance, the reference temperature of the reaction environment.

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  • K905


    High-precision 24-bit ADC SOC product,Abundant peripheral resources: RTC, optional multiple regulated power output, flexible setting of PGIA module, boost module, UART, I2C, SPI, TIMER, PWM/PDM, PFD, CAPTURE input Module, LCD driver, etc.
    This product is equipped with 16k Bytes OTP, which can be self-burning at low voltage, diagramming voltage range: 2.4V~3.6V, OTP can be substituted EERPOM is used.

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