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  • K3-Plus Wall-mounted Thermometer

    K3-Plus Wall-mounted Thermometer

    K3 Plus infrared thermometer, with compact in size, and equipped with a medical Thermopylae sensor. K3 Plus infrared thermometer is designed with fast test speeds, stable performance, and ease of use in mind. Three modes are available via the accompanied software, Centigrade and Fahrenheit selection available with its own dedicated button, high temperature alarm is configurable through the software as well.

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  • K3-Pro Wall-mounted Thermometer

    K3-Pro Wall-mounted Thermometer

    K3Pro non-contact high-precision multifunctional intelligent thermometer, using a high-definition LCD screen with backlight design, K3Pro thermometer adopts a medical temperature measurement solution, and at the same time, with high-precision Thermopylae sensor data, it can accurately and stable temperature measurement. K3Pro can use function buttons, Query the last 30 groups of measurement data, and also set the alarm temperature threshold. K3 Pro can be powered by Type-C USB or 4 AA batteries and can be installed wherever needed.

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  • HK3 Wall-mounted Thermometer

    HK3 Wall-mounted Thermometer

    HK3 infrared thermometer adopts a high-precision infrared sensor probe, which has the characteristics of stable and accurate measurement and rapid response. At the same time, HK3 infrared thermometer adopts a new environmental protection design to reduce product volume and facilitate better transportation. It is equipped with abnormal temperature prompts, voice prompts, and other functions, and can query 32 sets of temperature test data. The HK3 infrared thermometer has a compact design and complete functions, which is very suitable for any situation.

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  • K9 Hand Washing And Temperature Measurement

    K9 Hand Washing And Temperature Measurement

    K9 wall-mounted temperature measurement and brainwashing machine adopt an innovative design that combines the functions of temperature measurement and hand disinfection. When the hand is placed within the measuring distance, it will automatically measure the temperature and quickly discharge the disinfectant for disinfection. It provides comprehensive epidemic prevention services and is an ideal antivirus product.

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  • Doorbell With Temperature Measurement FTW03

    Doorbell With Temperature Measurement FTW03

    The W3 intelligent temperature measurement doorbell provides infrared temperature measurement, doorbell ring, and Bluetooth support. Compatible app for Android and iOS is available for download. Easily query measurement records and set high-temperature parameters all through the app, easy and fast. The W3 intelligent temperature measurement doorbell is ideal for the home, office, or storefront.

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  • Wall-mounted Thermometer T3

    Wall-mounted Thermometer T3

    T3 non-contact intelligent temperature measuring instrument, utilizing advanced automatic temperature correction algorithm and the latest AI algorithm, can accurately measure the human body temperature in real-time. The humanized design has high-temperature warning prompts to prevent possible cross-infection. The T3 non-contact intelligent temperature is intrinsically safe and easy to use.

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  • Bracket


    The B-K3 tripod stand is the perfect complement to K3, K3pro, K3plus, HK3, K9, and other similar infrared thermometers. Setup is a breeze, extend the B-K3 to your required height, gently screw on any of the aforementioned models and you’re ready to go. For other devices, make sure they have a 1/4” thread tripod port before attempting to attach them to the B-K3.

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  • Disposable Medical Surgical Mask

    Disposable Medical Surgical Mask

    Medical-surgical masks are used as disposable masks worn by medical staff during invasive operations. They cover the mouth and nose of the user, provide a physical barrier to prevent pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids, aerosol droplets, and particles. Medical-surgical masks offer 3 layers of protection and comfort. Our masks offer zero odor, high filtration capacity, and low resistance breathing.

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  • Automatic Induction Sterilizer

    Automatic Induction Sterilizer

    HDD1 wall mount automatic hand sanitizer soap dispenser in white is ideal for use in food service facilities, offices, schools, warehouses, manufacturing, clinics, hospitals, and much more. Automatic hands-free operation for improved hygiene and protection against cross-contamination. Compatible with foam, liquid, and spray applications in a large 1000ml reservoir.

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