• Oximeter H8

    Oximeter H8

    H8 fingertip pulse oximeter is a portable medical solution using the latest sensors to bring an affordable diagnostic device to market. Focused on usability across all age groups, the H8 is the easiest to operate no-frills straight forward pulse oximeter. H8 pulse oximeter is ready to use out of the box, no calibration required.

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  • Oximeter M390

    Oximeter M390

    M390 fingertip pulse oximeter with perfusion index and plethysmograph. The perfusion index is an indicator of pulse strength, the greater the value the stronger the pulse. Get consistent readings reliably every time by referencing the perfusion index, if it’s less than 0.2%, reposition and warm your finger for an accurate reading. A consistent waveform represents a heartbeat with good blood flow, optimized for accurate readings

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  • Oximeter C101A2

    Oximeter C101A2

    Our C101A2 fingertip pulse oximeter is a quick and accurate tool to measure pulse rates and blood oxygen saturation levels. It’s compact size and one button interface allows for ease of use wherever it’s needed. An essential tool for athletes and medical professionals to obtain precise readings.

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