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  • Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor XQ-B65T (Bluetooth)

    Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor XQ-B65T (Bluetooth)

    XQ-B65T is a smart Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor, it measures systolic, diastolic and pulse rate, with high-resolution large screen display, easy to read the data. Intelligent voice broadcasting makes the health condition can be heard through the whole process of human voice guidance . The 99 groups of memory functions can automatic storage of blood pressure and heart rate. Blue-tooth transmission function, makes the data could be monitored in real time through APP or applet, and the health trends can be managed, and makes health data more meaningful. OEM is welcomed.

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  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor XBP-W01

    Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor XBP-W01

    Get your blood pressure readings in under a minute with our automated wrist cuff blood pressure monitor XBP-W01. Rated as the number one travel companion, measure wherever you go, easily fits in any carry-on; comes with a protective carrying case. Manage your health with the internal memory storage of 99 readings for 2 users. Our unit is battery operated with 2 AAA cells, widely available everywhere. Our XBP-W01 features systolic, diastolic, pulse rate and colour indicators to help you better understand your values.

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  • Arm Blood Pressure Monitor XBP-A02

    Arm Blood Pressure Monitor XBP-A02

    This portable digital monitor is no-frills and easy to use. The XBP-A02 upper arm blood pressure monitor was developed for accurate blood pressure measurements. The XBP-A02 large LCD screen is easy to read with large font and features voice over for the visually impaired. This blood pressure monitor is great for multiple users, stores blood pressure and pulse rate after each use for 2 users of up to 99 time stamped memory recalls per user.

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  • Arm SphyGmomanometer XBP-254A

    Arm SphyGmomanometer XBP-254A

    XBP-254A upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer is a convenient and feasible medical device developed by using modern electronic technology and the principle of indirect blood pressure measurement. It’s principle is to measure blood pressure indirectly through the oscillometric method, sensing the pulse during deflation or inflation of the cuff. The measurement method of XBP-254A is similar to that of a traditional mercury sphygmomanometer, in that it measures the brachial artery on the upper arm.

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