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Oxygen Injection And Blackhead Removal Device BM889

M889 Oxygen injection and Blackhead Removal device uses high-pressure small molecule technology to atomize skin care water into small molecule water. Under the action of high pressure and speed, small molecule water can easily penetrate into the basic layer of the skin, and the atomized small molecules are more likely to be skin cells. absorb. Insist on using it to easily create watery skin. At the same time, 4 kinds of replaceable absorption plugs are suitable for cleaning blackheads on any part of the face.

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Product Details

M889 Oxygen injection and Blackhead Removal device has three functions of cleaning, oxygen injection, and beautifying the skin, making your skin more hydrated and beautiful.

The M889 oxygen injection and blackhead removal device can directly send moisture to the basal layer of the skin through the high-pressure Kano-oxygen injection technology to help the skin deeply hydrate and cleanse the skin, thereby solving dry skin, inhibiting acne, and improving skin absorption.

Activate moisture moisturizing factor. Entering the state of the Kano spray station under high pressure can better absorb 95% of pure oxygen and active substances. Deep hydration and deep maintenance can activate cell activity. Helps solve skin tone, wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation.

Professional blackhead removal has 3 advantages, suitable for all skin types, tighten pores, clean blackheads, remove acne, facial care, facial massage. Before sucking the blackheads, there is a very, very critical step, which is to apply the blackhead derivation liquid to allow the blackheads to emerge from the pores. After the blackheads emerge, sucking it becomes much easier. Get rid of skin problems and restore your skin to its original state without hesitation.

Charge port:type C
Charge time:35min
Battery capacity:800am
Stand by time:60day
Rotating speed:6200hit/min
Air pump negative pressure: 66Kpa
Air flow:7 liters /min
material :ABS+PC
weight : 266g
Size: 45*95*250mm

Home/beauty salon skin care,This product is guaranteed for one year.