Oximeter M390

M390 fingertip pulse oximeter with perfusion index and plethysmograph. The perfusion index is an indicator of pulse strength, the greater the value the stronger the pulse. Get consistent readings reliably every time by referencing the perfusion index, if it’s less than 0.2%, reposition and warm your finger for an accurate reading. A consistent waveform represents a heartbeat with good blood flow, optimized for accurate readings

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Product Details

The M390 fingertip pulse oximeter uses non-invasive measurement infrared technology to measure the oxygen content of the finger. This is the most common place to measure the oxygen content in the blood oxygen. The measurement object is more accurately called the blood oxygen saturation, that is, SpO2. The results of the test are expressed in digital form.

The main display is the ratio of total oxygen saturation under actual oxygen content. It is generally expressed as a percentage. The typical blood oxygen saturation of the human body is 90-100%, but the minimum can be over. To 60%. The blood oxygen saturation of the human body depends on many factors. The most important factor is the poor blood supply of the patient’s body. The reading of HbO2 will drop and the reading will be displayed within 10 seconds of turning on the device.

The M390 has an easy-to-read multi-directional OLED display, available in 4 different directions. A set of AAA batteries can be used for up to 40 hours. Our M390 pulse oximeter is light in weight, with a battery installed, and weighs only 60g. Easy to carry, made of durable environmentally friendly recyclable ABS material and latex-free silicone finger slip mold. Includes M390 fingertip pulse oximeter, lanyard and instruction manual. M390 has a power saving function, so the battery life is super long; if the finger is no longer detected in the finger room, it will automatically turn off the power after 8 seconds.

Automatic shut down
OLED display
One key operation
Battery life indicator
Pulse rate, SpO2, PI and Plethysmograph all in one
Compact size
Accurate and convenient

Product model:finger clip pulse oximeter
Display screen:IPS color screen
Blood oxygen saturation:measurement range 70%~99%
Measuring accuracy:80%-90% ±2%(including 80%)
70%-79% of error of plus or minus 3%
Resolution: blood oxygen saturation ±1%
Pulse rate: measurement range:30BPM-240BPM error ±1

Suitable for adults, children, pregnant women, the elderly, sports enthusiasts, office workers, etc.
This product is guaranteed for one year.