Oximeter H8

H8 fingertip pulse oximeter is a portable medical solution using the latest sensors to bring an affordable diagnostic device to market. Focused on usability across all age groups, the H8 is the easiest to operate no-frills straight forward pulse oximeter. H8 pulse oximeter is ready to use out of the box, no calibration required.

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Product Details

It is easy to take a reading with H8, please install two AAA batteries in the battery compartment to start using. The measurement process and principle are as follows:

clamp the probe finger cuff to the nail bed of the patient’s fingertip (any finger is fine, but do not apply nail polish to avoid affecting the measurement), use the finger as a transparent container for hemoglobin, and use wavelength 660nm red light and 940nm near-infrared light are used as the incident light source to measure the intensity of light transmission through the tissue bed to calculate the blood oxygen saturation.

The whole process only takes a few seconds, it can be said to be within reach, very simple. Make sure the finger you want to measure is clean and free of any residue, clamp the device on the user’s finger with the screen facing up, press the power button, once the finger is detected, the device will start working. Press the button again to rotate the display to the desired direction. When you are done, you will get the results. If you want to write down the results, keep the oximeter in place. If the perfusion index is less than 0.2%, please reposition and make sure your finger is at room temperature to get an accurate reading.

The large OLED display is easy to use, making it easier to see the results on the eyes. The included lanyard makes it easy and convenient to carry safely. Pay attention to some details when using the oximeter. The following conditions may cause unreliable or undetectable values: finger skin is too thick and rough, fingers are too cold, the ambient light is too strong, nail polish is applied, etc. If you do not use it for a long time, remove the battery of the oximeter. Try not to touch the oximeter with water, especially to ensure that no liquid can enter the inside.

Fast and quick results
Compact size
Automatic shutdown
Accurate results
Non slip finger chamber

display screen :OLED/LCD/digital display
SpO2 measuring range : 70~100%
SpO2 measurement accuracy : ±2%(70-100%) lower than70% undefined
PR measuring range: 25~250BPM
PR measurement accuracy : ±2%(or 2BPM)
Resolution ratio: 168*80px
Power dissipation: lower than 30mA
Battery specifications: two AAA batteries
Size: 58*32*34mm

Suitable for adults, children, pregnant women, the elderly, sports enthusiasts, office workers, etc.This product is guaranteed for one year.