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OTP-638D2 MEMS temperature sensor adopts TO-46 packaging technology, composed of 116 thermocouples in series, and the absorption layer area is the diameter 545 microns, with low noise and fast response characteristics, very suitable for non-contact temperature measurement applications. OTP-638D2 built-in thermistor Resistance, the reference temperature of the reaction environment.

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The thermopile can measure temperature by detecting the infrared (IR) energy of an object at a certain distance. The higher the temperature, the more infrared energy is produced. The thermopile sensing element consists of some small thermocouples on a silicon chip, which can absorb energy and generate an output signal. The reference sensor is used as the reference for compensation in the package. Thermopile infrared (IR) non-contact temperature measurement sensors have various lenses and filters and can be used in a variety of applications from pyrometers to climate control and medical equipment.

OTP-638D2 is a thermopile sensor in a classic TO-46 housing. The sensor consists of 116
A thermocouple element is connected in series on a floating microfilm with an effective area of 545 μm in diameter. The thermopile sensor provides almost the performance of Johnson’s noise limit, which can be calculated by its ohmic series resistance. A thermistor with a ground pin is also provided inside the TO package for reference to the ambient temperature.
TO-46 packaging technology
Built-in thermistor
Low temperature response coefficient
Suitable for ear thermometer, non-contact temperature measurement

otp 638d2 mems temperature sensor

Suitable for non-contact temperature measuring equipment such as ear thermometer and forehead thermometer.