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Notices When Using Infrared Thermometer

Update Time :2020-10-14

To measure the temperature, please make the instrument aimed at the body or object which will be measured and read the temperature data on the instrument’s LCD by pressing the trigger.

1. Only measure the surface temperature, the infrared thermometer cannot measure the internal temperature.

2. The wavelength above 5um cannot be measured through quartz glass. Glass has special reflection and transmission characteristics, which does not allow accurate infrared temperature reading. But the temperature can be measured through the infrared window. Infrared thermometers should not be used to measure the temperature of bright or polished metal surfaces ( like stainless steel, aluminum, etc.).

3. Locate the hot spots. To find hot spots, the instrument aims at the target and then scans the target up and down until the hot spots are determined.

notices when using infrared thermometer

Pay attention to environmental conditions: steam, dust, smoke, etc. It blocks the optical system of the instrument and affects the accurate temperature measurement.

Ambient temperature. Allow the thermometer to adjust to the new ambient temperature within 20 minutes if it is suddenly exposed to ambient temperature with a difference of 20℃ or higher.

So, please be sure to pay attention to these key influence factors when using an infrared thermometer.