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Automatic Soap Dispenser N02

N02 Automatic soap dispenser, non-contact, high sensitivity dispenser, with mechanical structure and piston mechanical pump, it won’t leak liquid, the pump could be used up to 80000 times. Using high quality ABS materials, Small size but large capacity, there are two types of pump head (Spray and Liquid ) can meet different requirement. N02 Automatic soap dispenser can be used in home, hotel, supper market and other public place.

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Product Details

The product size of N02 Automatic soap dispenser is only 17x11x10cm, but with 700ml capacity, it can save the space. The unit volume of each drop is 0.3ml, it won’t cause wastes. The soap dispenser not only can mounted on the wall or hanging board, but also can hang on the tripod or bracket, we can provide the matched clamps, very easy to install.

1.Product size: 170*110*100mm
2.Product net weight: 500g (without batteries)
3.Pump type: Spray / Liquid
4.Capacity: 700ml
5.Sensing distance: 0 – 10cm
6.Material: ABS
7.Color: White
8.Power supply: 4*AA Batteries/ 6V power Adaptor(not Included)
9.Warranty period: 1 year

It can be used in : home, offices, schools, shopping malls, stores, hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants, public transportation, etc.