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Muscle Fascial Massage XQW-MFM113

XQW-MFM113 Muscle Fascial Massage is a hot seller in 2021. This Massage gun has 22 speeds & 8 massage heads. It offers a wider range of massage intensities for a relaxing experience. The perfect massage gun to relieve pain and muscle. XQW-MFM113 Muscle Fascial Massage can effectively reduce muscle stiffness and pain, increase blood flow and range of motion, and improve the health of the body’s soft tissues. Meet different needs, meet your various muscle relaxation , refuse pain; The cordless massage gun, with one-button switch, you could increase or lower the different gears swiftly.The Recovery Massage Gun allows for maximum muscle relief.

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Product Details

XQW-MFM113 Muscle Fascial Massage with 7.4v high pressure lithium battery,12mm amplitude,Ultra quiet operation, 53 shocks per second, Type 8 massage head, meet all kinds of massage needs.

* LCD Touch screen
* 22 gears plus or minus adjustment
* 8 kinds of professional massage head
* RPM: 3200R/M
* Brushless motor
* Low db noise reduction design(less than 45db)
* Product net weight: 800g
* Product size: 230*210*45mm
* Color:Black+Purple /Grey+Pulple
* Warranty:1 year