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Muscle Fascial Massage XQW-MFD112

XQW-MFD112 Muscle Fascial Massage has 30 speeds & 6 massage heads. It offers a wider range of massage intensities for a relaxing experience. The perfect massage gun to relieve pain and muscle. XQW-MFM112 Muscle Fascial Massage has gear memory,the last gear used will remain in memory, you can pick up from where you left off, the efficient cooling holes can help to better heat dissipation, longer use for the massage gun.

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Product Details

Six massage heads:
Spherical head:
Suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, waist, back, buttocks, thighs and calves.
Silicone airbag shock absorber:
Suitable for most muscle groups, cushioning and shocking to prevent damage to sensitive muscle groups.
U head:
Suitable for massage of neck, cervical spine, achilles, tendon, strong irritation.
Shovel head:
Suitable for cervical and lumbar spine shaping, deep relaxation massage.
Small flat head:
Suitable for full-body machine massage large muscle groups, relaxing massage, leg, waist, buttocks shaping massage.
Small Round head:
Suitable for impact massage to stimulate deep tissues, acupuncture points, joints, palms and soles


* LCD screen display
* 30 gears plus or minus adjustment
* 6 kinds of professional massage head
* RPM: 3200R/M
* Brushless motor
* Low db noise reduction design(less than 45db)
* Product net weight: 800g
* Product size: 168*134mm

Warranty: 1Year