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K3+ Infrared Wall-mounted Thermometer

Compared to other wall mounted thermometers, the biggest difference of K3+ infrared wall-mounted thermometer is its size, it’s smaller than a adult palm size, it saves space and the freight on transportation. K3+ infrared wall-mounted thermometer adopts a high-precision infrared sensor probe, which has the characteristics of stable and accurate measurement and rapid response. It is equipped with abnormal temperature prompts, voice prompts, and other functions.

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Product Details

K3+ infrared wall-mounted thermometer with quickly response time within 0.5s. High accuracy in ±0.2℃ can accurately reflect the actual temperature of the human body. Non-contact, automatic measurement with measuring distance about 5 – 10 cm, avoiding cross- infection. It has high temperature alarm, when there’s abnormal temperature (37.5℃ – 42℃), it will continuous red light flashing and “Di Di” alarm for 5 seconds, no repeated measurement during the alarm.

K3+ infrared wall-mounted thermometer, not only can measure human body temperature but also can measure the surface temperature of subjects. It also can be a counting machine.


1)Power supply: DC 4.2-5V, USB cable
2)Size: 107x75x57mm
3)Weight (without battery): 120.6g
4)Operation temperature: 10℃ – 40℃
5)Measuring range:
Body temperature: 35.0℃ – 42℃
Surface temperature: 0℃ – 50℃
6) Accuracy:±0.2℃
7)°F/°C Interchangeable
8)Measuring distance: 5cm-10cm
9)Warranty period: 1 year.


There are three installation methods: mounted on the wall, or fix it on the tripod (or floor stand), or adhere on wall or floor stand.
It can be used in numbers of places: Offices, schools, shopping malls, stores, hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants, public transportation, etc.