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How To Choose A Good Infrared Thermometer

Update Time :2020-10-14

A thermometer is a medicine cabinet essential that you should always have on hand, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It monitors your body temperature to see if it’s within the normal range, it can tell us whether you’re fighting an illness or infection.

There are kinds of thermometers in the market, but how to choose a good thermometer? What is your top priority when purchasing a thermometer? A good thermometer should be the one be accurate and provides consistent readings, also be fast-acting – especially for kids, as well as can be indicated in color backlight reading that could tell you if your body temperature in the normal range or having a fever. So, when you purchasing a thermometer please especially pay attention to the parameter of measuring accuracy, response time, and backlight indication. Of course, there also are other parameters you should take it into consideration, like measurement distance, operating ambient temperature( it would affect the temperature measurement accuracy), as well as the units of measurement (the temperatures are measured in Fahrenheit in the United States, and in most other countries in Celsius.)

how to choose a good infrared thermometer

BTW, Why choose a digital non-contact infrared thermometer?
These thermometers allow remote temperature measurement without touching the patient’s body. The advantages are: These models greatly limit the risk of contagion, they offer better hygiene and safety, they allow you to take a patient’s temperature without disturbing them, this is particularly useful when taking the temperature of a sleeping child, for example. However, it has its disadvantages: the temperature measurement is generally less reliable than analog or electronic models with contact because the measurement is taken “outside the body.” They are also more expensive.