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K9 Hand Washing And Temperature Measurement

K9 wall-mounted temperature measurement and brainwashing machine adopt an innovative design that combines the functions of temperature measurement and hand disinfection. When the hand is placed within the measuring distance, it will automatically measure the temperature and quickly discharge the disinfectant for disinfection. It provides comprehensive epidemic prevention services and is an ideal antivirus product.

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Product Details

K9 wall-mounted temperature measurement and mobile phone washing, using a high-precision temperature measurement sensor probe, can measure the temperature of the hand when extending the hand, while spraying disinfectant, more healthy, and safe. When the temperature is over the normal temperature value. The non-contact digital thermometer will display a red light and make a sound that will let you know whether has a fever. Equipped with a large-capacity automatic liquid dispenser can be wall-mounted or fixed on a tripod.

The side button design supports switching between Celsius or Fahrenheit. It has a high-temperature warning function, when the measured temperature exceeds 37.3’C, an alarm will be issued. You will see a red flash with a sound didgeridoo. It supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures, and users can switch them freely. Disinfectant capacity and visualization 1000ml capacity, energy-saving design, automatic standby, intelligent power saving, and automatic wake-up, low energy consumption, more economical and longer battery life. This infrared thermometer is very easy to mount on the wall using nails, hooks, double-sided adhesive tape, or brackets.

Accuracy: +/-0.2℃ (34℃-45℃ put it in the operation environment for 30mins before using)
Alarm Type : Flashing+bleeping “DIDIDI”
Measuring distance: 5cm-10cm
Transmission Interface: USB Type-C port
Bottle capacity : 1000ml
Mounting Type :Wall hanging. Tripod-Fixed
Working Temperature : 10℃ -40℃ (15℃-35℃ Recommended)
Measuring Range :0-50℃
Standby time : 5seconds for non-working,dynamic loop with white dot
Dimension : 119x133x280mm
Net Weight:702g
Input:DC 5V 1A
Product power :3W
Liquid Type: Hand sanitarium

Can be used on different occasions. Office, subway, home, shopping mall, shop, community, public entrances, etc.
This product is guaranteed for one year.