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EW-801 Simple Forehead Thermometer

EW-801S forehead thermometer adopts an imported infrared thermal sensor probe at the center of its design. This scheme allows for accurate temperature measurement, responsive to within 1 second. The EW-801S forehead thermometer is calibrated with body and surface temperature modes; simple and reliable, void of extra buttons.

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Product Details

EW-801S adopts medical solutions and innovative one-button design. In 1 Second Reading for body or object. Easily diagnose fever or illness. At the same time, there are object temperature, body temperature multiple temperature measurement modes, which can be switched online at will, It is specially designed for the elderly, children, government, and public sectors. It does not require complicated operations and can be measured with one button.

At the same time, it adopts a combination button design, which can also be used easily at the switch between body temperature modes to meet different needs. The high-definition LCD screen can be read clearly at any angle three-color LCD and the color changes according to the temperature shown on the screen. It has a built-in sound and visual fever alarms and will inform you when temperatures reach a feverish level.

1) Power supply: DC 3V
2) Size: 154x103x39mm
3) Weight (without battery): 105g
4) Measuring range:
Body temperature: 32.0℃ – 42.9℃
Surface temperature: 0℃ – 60℃
5) Three-colour backlight indication function
Body temperature measurement mode:
T <37.3℃ green backlight indicator
37.3℃ <T <37.9℃ Orange backlight indicator
T> 37.9℃ Red backlight indicator

6) Accuracy:
±0.2℃ during 35℃- 42℃
±0.3℃ during 32℃- 34.9℃
±0.3℃ during 42.1℃-42.9℃
7) Measuring distance: 3cm-5cm
8) Automatic shutdown: <30sec

Suitable for home users, hotels, libraries, large enterprises, and institutions. Can also be used in schools, public transportation, airports, terminals, customs, and borders. Lastly can also be provided to medical staff for use in clinics and hospitals.
This product is guaranteed for three years.