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EW-801B Bluetooth Forehead Thermometer

To meet the market requirement,EW-801B Bluetooth Forehead Thermometer is added an bluetooth module based on EW-801,the temperature can be recorded and measured through an APP on the smart phone by connecting to blue-tooth. It could be more easier to switch the temperature measuring modes(body, surface and ambient(room)),and there are more information you can be recorded on the APP,like the user name,gender and age.

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Product Details

EW-801B Bluetooth Forehead thermometer is a medical grade thermometer, with high accurate and stable temperature measurement; Fast measuring speed (all the components are original, such as the probe OTP638D2 which is come from Taiwan, and the MCU high speed processor are imported, the measuring speed is far higher than most of the products in markets; with super brightness LCD screen, it can clear display.

1)Product Name: Bluetooth Infrared forethead thermometer
2)Product size: 154*85*39mm
3)Product weight:105g
4)Color:White/ blue
5)Operating Temperature:10℃ – 40℃ (50℉ -104℉)
6)°F/°C Interchangeable:Can switch between centigrade and Fahrenheit.
7) Measuring distance:3-5cm
8) Response time:0.5s, light up and with short beep when read the temperature
9) 3 Modes :Body, Surface and Ambient Temperature
10)Measurement range:Body temperature: 32.0℃ – 42.9℃ (89.6℉ – 109.2℉)
Surface temperature: 0℃ – 60℃
11)Measuring accuracy:±0.2℃ during 35℃ -42℃
±0.3℃ during 32℃ -34.9℃
±0.3℃ during 42.1℃ -42.9℃
12)Three colors backlight indication :
(body temperature measurement mode)
* T<37.3℃ Green backlight indicator
* 37.3℃ < T < 37.9℃ Orange backlight indicator
* T>37.9℃ Red backlight indicator
13)Automatic power-off:<30sec
14)Power supply:DC 3V, 2*AA batteries
15)Memory:32 sets
16)Silent Mode Option and Alert Option: Button of Beep on/off
17)Warranty:1 year