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Disinfection Box

The UVC disinfection box uses the latest UV LED lamp beads, UVC wavelength coverage is wider and more efficient,360-degree circulation disinfection, and no ozone, harmless. Please note that not all kinds of UV are effective. With our lamps wavelength of 200-280nm, it is up to 99.9% effective rate of cleaning. UVC disinfection box 360° irradiation sterilizes bacteria more thoroughly, keeps you away from viruses and bacteria, and brings a healthy life.

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Easy and convenient to use, plug this UVC disinfection box into any micro USB power source and begin disinfecting your gear. Coupled with the aroma diffuser you can fragrance your mask or other items when being sanitized. A perfect companion for home, business, travel, or healthcare, pop in your mobile device, mask, so on, and thoroughly sterilize in 5 min.

The UVC disinfection box employs a wider UVC wavelength for higher efficiency. Combined with 2 UVC lamps the disinfection box doubles the power and sterilizes your items a full 360 degrees. A voice-over reminds you when the sterilization is complete. Fit items up to 7 inches diagonally and 1 inch thick, large enough for even the most oversized mobile devices. Charge your devices with the extra USB port while the disinfection box works it’s magic. Made from ABS plastic, resistant from chemicals, impact, and heat, robust for daily use. Effectively stop germs in their tracks by breaking down their DNA and RNA with UVC light. An excellent device to bring peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle safe from bacteria & viruses.

UVC disinfection box ultraviolet 360° three-dimensional irradiation, it can quickly kill viruses and bacteria under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays. It has a large design space and can be put in various common items such as mobile phones, masks, watches, etc. It also has the killing progress display and voice broadcast reminder, Design with simple and practical appearance, easy to carry. Whether at home or outdoors, as long as a UV sterilizer and USB cable, you can disinfect the small items you need at any time, Aromatherapy Function can work as an aromatherapy diffuser. Simply add a couple of your favorite essential oils( not included) drops into the inside, your phone will freshen after cleaning. Our UVC disinfection box use of ABS material is more environmentally friendly.

Material:Environmental friendly ABS
Weight: 324g
input voltage: DC 5V
Input current :2A
Disinfection power:2W
Disinfection Type:UVC LED

Not only suitable for smartphones, toothbrush disinfection boxes, medical disinfection boxes, but also for masks, watches, jewelry, glasses, keys, pacifiers, tableware, and any other small objects, easy to use, just press and hold the start button, ultraviolet light The sterilization box can eliminate this bacteria., This product is guaranteed for one year.