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Blood Glucose Meter XQ-BG-102

Blood Glucose Meter XQ-BG-102. is an advanced blood glucose monitoring system, fast, safe and convenient. Small blood sample requirement reduce pain and sensitivity for easy diabetes monitoring. Blood Glucose Meter XQ-BG-102 with advanced GDH and GOD technologies allows the system to test blood glucose level in as fast as 5 seconds with one small drop of blood. OEM is welcomed.

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Product Details

Blood Glucose Meter XQ-BG-102, it require only 1 micro-liter small blood sample, 5 seconds measuring time, it has 360 sets of test results memories with date & time, can read the average value of 7, 14, 28 days. Blood Glucose Meter XQ-BG-102 with high accurate, switchable unit in mg/dL and mmol/L, and alarm clock reminder, auto power off.

Product Parameters

* Response Time: 5 Seconds
* Testing Sample: Fresh capillary whole blood
* Blood size: Minimum 1 micro-liter
* Measuring Range: 40 to 600mg/dl (2.2 -33.3 mmol/L)
* Average calculation: last 7, 14, & 28 days result averaging
* LCD size: 35 x 33 mm
* Power: one 3.0V alkaline battery, size CR2032, (included)
* Battery life: Can support about 1000 testing
* Product size: 86.2 x 54 x 20.7mm
* Product net weight: 54g.

Product Contents
* 1 Blood Glucose meter (battery included)
* Test strips (optiona;)
* Sterile Lancets (Optional)
* 1 Lancing Device
* 1 carrrying case
* 1 owner’s booklet
* 1 quick reference guide
* 1 log booklet (optional)