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Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor XQ-BP-C02

Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor XQ-BP-C02 won the 2020 German iF Red Dot Design Award. Its storage design makes the device and cuff as a whole, easy to carry and pack. The 45° viewing angle is the best angle for the light to come into the eyes, which makes user relaxed and comfortable to read. With 360° clear visible Large display screen. Triple filtering algorithm, multiple feature comparisons to obtain real blood pressure data.

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Product Details

Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor XQ-BP-C02 load the quadruple electricity protection system, has overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, once full charge it could measure 300+ times. The full voice broadcast guidance not only broadcast the measurement data but also guide you how to use this device. XQ-BP-C02 has double group storage, it dual-user processing of blood pressure data without mutual interference.

Product Parameters:

* Function: Measure systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate of adults.
* Memory groups : 120 groups for each user
* Measuring range: Blood pressure: 0 ~ 280mmHg/0 ~ 37.3KPa
Pulse rate: 40 ~170bpm
* Operating environment: Temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃, relative humidity 10% ~ 80%
* Storage environment: Temperature: – 20℃ ~55℃, relative humidity ≤93%
* Measurement method: Trial wave boost measurement method
* Power: 3* AA batteries
* Applicable arm: 22 ~40cm
* Automatic shutdown time: 60 seconds to enter standby mode
* Product net weight: about 260g (with storage box)
* Product size: 92 * 80*155mm (with storage box)