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Arm SphyGmomanometer XBP-254A

XBP-254A upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer is a convenient and feasible medical device developed by using modern electronic technology and the principle of indirect blood pressure measurement. It’s principle is to measure blood pressure indirectly through the oscillometric method, sensing the pulse during deflation or inflation of the cuff. The measurement method of XBP-254A is similar to that of a traditional mercury sphygmomanometer, in that it measures the brachial artery on the upper arm.

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Product Details

The XBP-254A measurement stability is better than wrist sphygmomanometers, it’s recommended for patients over 60 years of age, patients with an irregular heart rate or aging of peripheral blood vessels caused by diabetes, etc.

XBP-254A upper arm sphygmomanometer provides a self inflating cuff and readings in under 60 seconds. Featuring a large LCD screen, results displayed with large easy to read font. Voice over assistance is a button away for the visually impaired. Easily interpret and gauge your health with the colour coded WHO rating legend. Conveniently measure systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate. Log up to 99 time stamped readings for 2 users, that’s 3 readings a day for an entire month. Easily power the XBP-254A through micro USB or 4 AAA batteries for up to 3 months of normal usage.

Equipped with an irregular heartbeat detector, the XBP-254A will guard your health and notify when to seek a medical professional. The hypertension detector will kick in to action and deflate the arm cuff as soon as a reading is made to warrant the release and to seek medical attention immediately as necessary. Simply initiate operation of the XBP-254A by pressing the Start button and stopping with the same button. Automatically displays the average of the last 3 readings when memory button is pressed. Turn on sound or mute the voice over with it’s dedicated interface button. It’s compact size means it’s easy to carry and handle, with included pouch, the XBP-254A is perfect for travel. Easily manage your blood pressure while traveling.

Large LCD screen
Powers off automatically after 1 minute
Store up to 198 readings for two users, 99 readings each
Irregular heartbeat indicator
Dual power sources: micro USB or four AAA batteries
Compact and portable
Fast readings under a minute
Detailed instruction manual
Included durable carrying pouch
Date and time display
One-touch operation
Hypertension detection and protection

Measuring part: upper arm part
Measuring range: blood pressure 0~280mmHg (0~37.3kpa), pulse rate 40~195 beats/min
Measuring arm circumference: 22~32cm
Measurement accuracy: blood pressure value ±0.4kpa (±3mmHg), pulse rate ±5% of reading
Measurement method: pulse scanning method/oscillometric method
Storage environment: Storage temperature: -20℃~50℃ Storage humidity: 15%~90%
Working environment: Operating temperature: 10℃~40℃ Operating humidity: 40%~85%
Closing method: 60S after manual closing or no operation
Material quality: PC+ABS
Screen size: 41*61mm
Battery model: 4*1.5V (4 AAA alkaline, the product does not contain batteries)
Number of memory groups: 99 groups for two persons

This product is suitable for the consumer with general blood pressure measurement needs. Severe and this product is guaranteed and has a one-year warranty.